DogCatStar Hairball Relief Digestive Aid (Chicken Flavour) 50g

ingredient Psyllium dietary fiber, chicory fiber, wild chicken breast and liver, papaya enzyme, pro..

HK$ 88

DogCatStar Hairball Relief Digestive Aid (Fish Flavour) 50g

ingredient Psyllium dietary fiber, chicory fiber, milkfish, papaya enzyme, protease, fiber enzyme..

HK$ 88

DogCatStar Hairball Relief Digestive Aid (Original) 50g

ingredient Psyllium dietary fiber, chicory fiber, papaya enzyme, protease, fiber enzyme, lipase, am..

HK$ 88 Natural Digestive Enzymes 144g

Feature: with Natural sources of Prebiotics , Probiotics Enzymes Assists in digestion and abso..

HK$ 250 Natural Hairball Plus Soft Chews for Cat 50 soft chew

Feature: Eliminate hairballs Flaxseed & fish oil help to maintain healthy skin and coat ..

HK$ 110 Natural Hairball Remedy 50g

Feature: Eliminating and preventing hairballs naturally A combination of inulin, fi..

HK$ 95

Floryboost 10ml

FloryBoost Anti-Diarrhea Paste for Dogs and Cats Acute diarrhea management for pets. Relieves ..

HK$ 106

HealthyPet Pancerase 30 Capsules

• 胰臟營養添加品 • 補充消化酵素、降低胰臟負擔 • 改善消化,提升吸收效率 • 提供膠囊或粉狀雙重食用選擇..

HK$ 280

HealthyPet Pancerase For Cat 200 Capsules

• 專為貓選用4號膠囊,更易於餵食 • 胰臟營養添加品 • 補充消化酵素、降低胰臟負擔 • 改善消化,提升吸收..

HK$ 980

LoveMyPet Pancreas 30 Capsules

胰臟消化三酵素澱粉酶、脂肪酶及蛋白酶將食物分解成小分子之後被吸收 補充酵素可促進消化功能升級版 添加益生菌升級版添加鼠李糖乳桿菌及龍根菌更加維護腸道健康、幫助消化產品成分(每顆)本品內含30顆高單位胰..

HK$ 240

NAS DigestaVite Plus 100g

Nutritional support from the inside out Ensuring our pets have all the vitamins and minerals i..

HK$ 318

Oralade Palatable Oral Rehydration & Nutritional Support 500ml

Oralade is a unique, ready-to-use isotonic formula for dogs and cats which is suitable for day 1 fee..
Out Of Stock Oralade Palatable Oral Rehydration & Nutritional Support 500ml

HK$ 68

Pet Nutriland Synbiotics Pro Meal Booster 30g

Dextrose, Inulin (chicory root extract), probiotics (as listed below), kangaroo meat, silicone dioxi..

HK$ 228

Pet Sweat 500ml


HK$ 22 HK$ 28

Protexin Cobalaplex 60 Capsules

Cobalaplex has been designed to help support normal serum cobalamin (vitamin B12) and folate (vitami..

HK$ 330

Protexin Pro-Enzorb 60 Capsules

Contains a highly active blend of three pancreatic enzymes-Lipase, Amylase and Protease, which act t..

HK$ 840

Protexin Pro-Kolin Advanced For Cats 15ml

Pro-Kolin Advanced is the upgraded version of Pro-Kolin's. A highly palatable paste formulation ..

HK$ 150

Protexin Synbiotic D-C 50 Capsules

A highly concentrated prebiotic and probiotic capsule to rapidly restore the microflora in the gut. ..

HK$ 220

Provida Digest-Aid with Probiotics 200g

ProVida Digest-Aid with Probiotics supports optimum digestive health & bowel function and freedo..

HK$ 241

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements Feline FortiFlora Probiotic Supplement 30 x 1g

Probiotic supplement for the dietary management of puppies and adult dogs with diarrhea FortiFl..

HK$ 330

Vetactiv8 Synbiotic Boost 50g

Taking probiotics and prebiotics promotes a healthy balance of gut and intestine bacteria. Studies s..

HK$ 338

VetPlus Fibor 500g

Fibor has a unique combination of ingredients including six different natural sources of fibre and k..

HK$ 270

Vetplus Lypex® For Cats and Dogs (60 Capsules)

Lypex is a unique, clinically proven feed supplement designed to help animals with pancreatic proble..

HK$ 672

VetriScience Feline Furball Pro 60 Chews

Feline Furball Pro is formulated to help prevent and eliminate hairballs by supporting skin health i..

HK$ 100

VetriScience GI Balance PRO Bite-Sized Chews for Cats and Dogs (60 Chews)

GI Balance Pro is designed to support digestive tract health, regularity, a healthy immune system, a..

HK$ 314

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